Feel English!

英語の上達には日々の積み重ねが大切です。忙しすぎて一日があっという間に過ぎてしまう、という方。学ぶことを諦めないで!Feel English! Your dream WILL come true!





Kimonos are traditional Japanese clothing. kimonos mean a lot to me.

There are 3 reasons why kimonos are so special. 


Firstly, to me, Kimono=( equals )mother. My mother was a maker and teacher of kimonos. Our house was a kimono making school. I grew up in an environment surrounded by so many kimonos. Therefore kimonos remind me of my mother.


Secondly, kimonos have a power to attract our hearts, don’t you agree? For example, the colors are deep, the fabrics are great and the designs are beautiful. When I was 20 years old, I wore a Furisode my mother made. When I touched it, I was really excited and relaxed at the same time. I have become interested in kimonos ever since the day.


Thirdly, I challenged myself making my own yukata this year. The yukata was made with the fabric I bought in Japan more than 10 years ago. The fabric was left in my chest of drawers forgotten for a long time. Usually kimonos are made by hand sewing. I have already known about it but by actually doing it, made me realize that each kimono is made with hand stitches filled with a maker’s love. That impressed me.


In conclusion, the 3 reasons why kimonos are special to me are:

1 The influence from my mother as a kimono teacher.

2 The impression I got from my Furisode.

3 The challenge of sewing yukata by my hand.


Unfortunately, my mother passed away 7 years ago. However she taught me the great Kimono world.


In the future, I hope I will spend my life wearing stylish kimonos everyday. To me, it seems like a good life. It is my dream!