Feel English!

英語の上達には日々の積み重ねが大切です。忙しすぎて一日があっという間に過ぎてしまう、という方。学ぶことを諦めないで!Feel English! Your dream WILL come true!

on top of that〜

⭐️on top of that〜

今日は一日掃除をしていました。さっきご飯を炊こうと思ったらお米がない…on top of that, 味噌もないことも判明。


I found out that I had no rice. On top of that, I was also running out of Miso. So I decided to go out for dinner tonight.

⭐️run out of 〜
Hurry! We're running out of time.

⭐️go out
It's such a nice day! Let's go out!

She is so smart and on top of that, she is so kind💕

I left my wallet at home. And on top of that, I left my keys as well💦

Feel English!