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Assignment - The lost diamond


I am the owner of the company providing the lost diamond and the only person who knows the true story…


3 days before the starting day of the jewelry exhibition, I got incredibly upset because we haven’t received the diamond. In our schedule, the diamond should have been delivered from my branch company in Europe on that day but the flight was cancelled due to a terrible weather. This exhibition was a big chance for me… I couldn’t  miss it… So I decided to exhibit the imitation instead until the real diamond arrived.

“ It’s only one day..no one can distinguish whether it’s an imitation or not. It looks so real. Maybe it’s not a big problem after all.” I thought.


On that Wednesday, the 1st day of the exhibition I received the real diamond at last.

I planned to replace the diamond secretly just before the exhibition closed at 5 pm.


“Now!!” I said to myself.


I unlocked the showcase and took the imitation out and then..

I heard someone coming so I quickly ran away! 


I failed to put the real diamond into the showcase.


It became a big news and the police started searching for it.


Please…someone please let me know what should I do next..