Feel English!

英語の上達には日々の積み重ねが大切です。忙しすぎて一日があっという間に過ぎてしまう、という方。学ぶことを諦めないで!Feel English! Your dream WILL come true!

Three reasons why I study English

Three reasons why I study English


I love watching English movies and dramas since I was a child. That’s why I have longed for an overseas life. However it cannot be said I am good at English. Therefore I really want to be able to understand the story of movies in English.


I got free time now as my daughter started going to preschool. I had no time for myself for a long time due to my job and taking care of my children. I thought it was a good opportunity to begin studying English.


It seems to me that studying English is a pastime. If I feel down or frustrated, studying English for a change could make me feel better. Moreover I realize that it is challenging for myself to learn new vocabulary and grammar. It is good for my brain.


I am sure that there is no easy way to acquire English. Sometimes I feel I won’t be able to achieve my expectation in English language. However it might be worth keeping study until my efforts will be rewarded in the end.